Three recent losses

The great English cinematographer Oswald Morris, whose work in both colour and black-and-white added enormously to the films he worked on. He had a long and fruitful association with John Huston (his work on Moulin Rouge in 1952 pushed the boundaries of what Technicolor was supposed to be able to do), and also shot several […] Read More

Sean Garrity and Bill Fugler’s Blood Pressure”

There’s always a slight strangeness to watching a film made by people you know. It’s never an entirely objective experience, but there’s always a real sense of relief when you like the movie. Last week, I caught one of the premiere screenings of Sean Garrity’s Blood Pressure at the Cinematheque here in Winnipeg. I’ve known […] Read More

Adapting Lovecraft

I’ve recently been reading – or re-reading – most of H.P. Lovecraft’s longer stories since I bought the collected works for my Kindle. There are things about Lovecraft that I really like – his sheltered, bookish protagonists poking through old dark buildings in search of musty documents which may reveal the awful truth about our […] Read More