Demo Reel


Going: Remembering Winnipeg Movie Theatres (Cagey Films/Farpoint Films, 83 mins.)
Dir.: Kenneth George Godwin

The Gypsies of Svinia (NFB, 95 mins.)
Dir.: John Paskievich

My Mother’s Village (NFB, 101 mins.)
Dir.: John Paskievich

Unspeakable (NFB, 89 mins.)
Dir.: John Paskievich

Unnatural Nature (proposed project, not filmed)
Dir.: John Paskievich

A Place Between (NFB, 72 mins.)
Dir.: Curtis Kaltenbaugh

One River, Two Shores: Reflections On the Mackenzie Gas Pipeline (Les Productions Rivard, 52 mins.)
Dir.: France Benoit

The Pacifist Who Went to War (NFB, 52 mins.)
Dir.: David Neufeld

Glimmer of Hope (NFB, 52 mins.)
Dir.: Charles Konowal

The Sharing Circle: Back to the Land (Season 12) (Meeches Video Productions, 1/2 hr series)
Dir.: Curtis Kaltenbaugh


Rapture (dir. Gord Wilding, 10 mins.)

Anderson Unbound (dir. Sheldon Serkin, 17 mins.)

Around Sanford (dir. Jeff Erbach, 11 mins.)

The Nature of Nicholas (dir. Jeff Erbach, 101 mins.)

Soft Like Me (dir. Jeff Erbach, 27 mins.)

Red Men Rising (dir. Cindy Murdoch, 16 mins.)

The Hands of Ida (dir. Guy Maddin, 24 mins.)

Motus Maestro (dir. Carole O’Brien, 17 mins.)

Table for 3 (dir. Gord Zubrecki, 7 mins.)


Kenneth George GodwitnKenneth George Godwin, Film Editor
I have been editing a wide range of film and video projects, both documentary and drama, for two-and-a-half decades. I started at the Winnipeg Film Group, cutting on Steenbeck 16mm flatbeds, adopted Avid in 1995, and have used FinalCut Pro quite extensively over the past ten years. Projects I have worked on have screened – and won awards – at festivals around the world.
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Blasts from the past


Recent viewing – video

Chinese action and fantasy from Eureka

Stanley Kubrick 4B: America in England
Dr. Strangelove (1964)