Dune addendum

An e-mail this morning from correspondent Jerome Wybon made me realize that it’s unclear from my journal just what format Anatol Pacanowski and I were using to document the production of Dune. Although Anatol initially had wanted to use 16mm film, we ended up with a newly developed combination camera/recorder just being put on the […]

Bad news from Arrakis

I just received some sad news this morning in response to the Dune production diary I have posted here on my site. Jerome Wybon, a director of numerous “making of” and behind-the-scenes documentaries for French DVD releases, just sent me the following e-mail: Hello I have just began reading your blog about your work on […]

DUNE page update

While going through some old storage boxes recently, I came across a fat folder of documents from my time working on Dune. Mostly daily call sheets for the first and second units, plus some weekly schedules, memos, etc. I’ve added some five dozen of these to the appropriate pages of my journal as Jpegs and […]

Blasts from the past

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Late Summer Viewing, part 1

Lost and Found

Discovery and loss: Pierre Etaix 1928-2016