While going through some old storage boxes recently, I came across a fat folder of documents from my time working on Dune. Mostly daily call sheets for the first and second units, plus some weekly schedules, memos, etc. I’ve added some five dozen of these to the appropriate pages of my journal as Jpegs and PDF links. Together they provide a somewhat curtailed glimpse of the amount of logistical detail involved in mounting a production like Dune … and in a few instances perhaps provide a little insight into the workings of David Lynch’s mind!

Unusual work for the props department

I’ve also added a link to a PDF of the script I wrote while working on Dune (it can be found in the entry for Tuesday, July 26). Called Cafe Universal, it was written with David Lynch and Sissy Spacek in mind for the main roles and Max von Sydow, Jack Nance, and other Dune personnel in supporting parts. Sometimes it’s good to have a dream!


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