John Paskievich’s Special Ed debuts at Hot Docs

Winnipeg documentarian John Paskievich spent several years following around noted Winnipeg “eccentric” Ed Ackerman with a small digital camera. The results, a remarkable portrait called Special Ed, debuts at the end of April at the Hot Docs festival in Toronto. But for now, you can get a taste by watching the trailer on YouTube:

I love this film (although I consider Ed himself to be the World’s Most Annoying Human Being!) and am still a bit sore that I didn’t get to edit it (though I know I probably couldn’t have done as fine a job as Jeff McKay, who had been John’s editor for years before I took over on The Gypsies of Svinia way back in the mid-’90s). Anyone living in Toronto should go to see it at the festival … everyone else should prepare to buy the DVD when it becomes available.


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