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Blu-rays from Kino Lorber

Detective Bo Lockley (Michael Moriarty) in the climactic elevator standoff with "Stick" (Tony King)

Kino Lorber have been offering a wide range of movies in generally fine transfers, from the work of Jean Rollin and Jess Franco to poverty row exploitation classics, ’70s Italian exploitation, foreign and arthouse titles, and recently a number of titles from some of the more obscure byways of the ’70s.

Addition to Eraserhead interview page

Peter Ivers

I recently discovered a recording from my research into the making of Eraserhead which I had, for some reason, not previously transcribed. This was with composer/singer Peter Ivers, the voice of the Lady in the Radiator in David Lynch’s film. I’ve now added a transcript to the Eraserhead interviews page here on the Cagey Films site.

Binging on Twilight Time

The great stone head of the god Zardoz in John Boorman's imaginative SF masterpiece

Recent binging on Twilight Time Blu-rays ranges from politics to comedy to science fiction, absurd studio productions and idiosyncratic independents; from the Cuban and Nicaraguan revolutions to the overthrowing of a future society of privileged immortals to underhanded contemporary business wars, from dinosaurs deep inside the Earth to the destruction of an alien race on the moon.

The “good German” in war movies

Major Grau (Omar Sharif) witnesses General Tanz' (Peter O'Toole) pleasure in destruction

A decade after the end of World War Two, with Germany now an important ally against the Soviet bloc, popular culture was making an effort to rehabilitate the former enemy by showing “good Germans” in the movies. Twilight Time have recently released a couple of examples on Blu-ray: Edward Dmytryk’s The Young Lions (1958) and Anatole Litvak’s The Night of the Generals (1967).