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Two More from Twilight Time

Richard Attenborough gives his finest performance as serial killer John Reginald Christie in Richard Fleischer's bleak true crime movie 10 Rillington Place (1971)

Twilight Time have released two very different movies on Blu-ray: Ralph Nelson’s religious parable Lilies of the Field, which won Sidney Poitier the first ever best actor Oscar for a Black star, and Richard Fleischer’s bleak 10 Rillington Place, the true story of British serial killer John Reginald Christie, which features Richard Attenborough’s finest performance.

Mining a shrinking vein: The Vincent Price Collection III

Vincent Price as Captain Robur, builder of the airship Albatross in William Whitney's Master of the World (1961)

The 3rd volume of Shout! Factory’s Vincent Price Collection, anchored by William Whitney’s severely under-budgeted Master of the World (1961), seems more threadbare than the previous volumes, although there are still points of interest. Roger Corman’s Tower of London (1962) seems ripe for reevaluation, and set allows viewers to compare Gordon Hessler’s original cut of Cry of the Banshee (1970) with the producer’s cut, released theatrically. The high point is Price’s one-man TV show An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe (1970).

Criterion Blu-ray review: Whit Stillman’s Barcelona (1994)

Fred (Chris Eigeman) attempts ineffectually to erase anti-American graffiti with a marker in Whit Stillman's Barcelona (1994)

Criterion has released a stand-alone Blu-ray edition of Whit Stillman’s Barcelona (1994), the final part of his triptych about young Americans striving to define themselves as they navigate an uncertain world. A romantic comedy with troubling undertones, it deals with the mixture of naivety and arrogance which creates a problematic relationship between the U.S. and other parts of the world.

The wuxia epics of King Hu

Hsu Feng as Yang Huizhen, the imposing heroine of King Hu's masterpiece A Touch of Zen (1971/75)

Masters of Cinema have recently released two of director King Hu’s influential martial arts epics featuring excellent restorations commissioned by the Taiwanese government. The Blu-rays provide informative supplements to give context to Dragon Gate Inn (1967) and A Touch of Zen (1971/75).