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Val Guest and <i>The Day the Earth Caught Fire</i> (1961)

Val Guest and The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1961)

Val Guest and <i>The Day the Earth Caught Fire</i> (1961)
The resurrection of Clive Barker's <i>Nightbreed</i> (1990/2014)
Rewriting the West:</br>Monte Hellman's <i>The Shooting</i> and <i>Ride In the Whirlwind</i>
Criterion Blu-ray review:</br>Frank Capra's <i>It Happened One Night</i> (1934)


The making of a cult classic
Article, review, interviews. In 1981, after interviewing David Lynch and his collaborators, I wrote the first detailed account of the production of his remarkable first film, Eraserhead.


On set in Mexico
Journal, photo galleries. Having written about David Lynch and Eraserhead, in 1983 I landed a job documenting the production of Dune in Mexico City; this is the journal I kept that summer.

Demo Reel

Kenneth George Godwin Films
Samples, clips, and full films. These are projects I've worked on, in one capacity or another, over the past 25 years. They range in length from 5 minutes to two hours.