Speaking of David Lynch … again!

K. George Godwin with David Lynch at Universal Studios, 1981
K. George Godwin with David Lynch at Universal Studios, December 1981

I recently had the pleasure of talking to Chicago-based writer, actor and podcaster McKenzie Wilkes about my experiences with David Lynch back in the early 1980s. I’m still surprised at the interest I’ve encountered since my two books on Lynch were published last year, but it was fun to go over my memories once again, particularly with someone as charming and enthusiastic as McKenzie. Our conversation about Eraserhead can be heard now on her On Lynch podcast, where she plans to work through her responses to all of his films chronologically.





2 thoughts on “Speaking of David Lynch … again!

  1. This is the very first podcast that I ever listened to- start to finish.

    Very entertaining and informative! Great job Kenneth!

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