David Lynch/Eraserhead interview

K. George Godwin with David Lynch at Universal Studios, 1981
K. George Godwin with David Lynch at Universal Studios, 1981

I was interviewed this week by Nathan Wardinski for his show Sounds of Cinema, broadcast on a couple of public educational radio stations in southern Minnesota. The topic was David Lynch and the making of Eraserhead and I was initially a bit intimidated – both by the idea of being interviewed (I’ve interviewed quite a few people over the years, but it’s very different being on the other side of the exchange) and by the idea of trying to access my self from thirty-five years ago. In the event, Nathan proved friendly and easy to talk to, even over Skype (which always seems like a very artificial means of communication to me). The show was broadcast today (Sunday, October 1) and can be listened to via streaming audio on soundcloud, here.


One thought on “David Lynch/Eraserhead interview

  1. You come across remarkably well – clear, calm, thoughtful, well-paced, no distracting umms or ahhs. Very smooth.
    Sincerely, you’re a natural.


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