DVD of the Week: Petropolis (2009)

The camera drifts above endless miles of mist-shrouded forest, following the meandering course of an old river. The soundtrack is rich with the sounds of birds and other wildlife. Then, as it rises over a tree-covered ridge, a different view opens up before us: what looks like an obliterated landscape stretching to the horizon. We […]

DVD of the Week: Colin (2008)

I recently opined about the trend in “found-footage” horror movies, a sub-genre which makes explicit reference to its own origins in the availability of inexpensive video equipment. But of course, not all filmmakers who pick up a small camcorder are interested in that kind of self-reflexive activity. Some just want to make a movie. This […]

Found-footage Horror

A few years back, Francis Ford Coppola predicted that the future of film was an adolescent girl in the mid-west armed with a cheap camcorder. That hasn’t exactly happened (yet[1]), but ever-evolving video technology has definitely had an effect on the movies we see. While new hi-def equipment is being used more and more frequently […]

Blasts from the past

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