Adios, Elvis
or The Secrets of the Universe Revealed

Adios, Elvis or The Secrets of the Universe Revealed

by Kenneth George Godwin & Stephen R. George

What do Elvis, H. P. Lovecraft, Cthulhu, the Elder Gods, Orgone Energy, a North Dakota saucer crash, a dimension-hopping nymph, the West Hawk Lake monster, and spontaneous human combustion have in common? Intrepid paperback original writer Willard Baxter is about to find out.

When author Willard Baxter, a professional skeptic, is assigned by his publisher to dig into the stories behind supermarket tabloid headlines, his life begins to unravel. Within days he is involved in deranged Nazi Occultism, facing a deadly Orgone Blaster, and digging himself out of the aftermath of a North Dakota saucer crash.  Is everything the tabloids have been writing about for decades true? Or has his mind become unhinged? The lunatic fringe he has been investigating is beginning to seem a little too much like home. And now a dimension-hopping nymph is leading him toward a portal that may, or may not, lead to the underworld. Can Baxter get himself out of this fix before he joins Elvis in the great dimension beyond?

97 pages.

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