Project Update: my part’s done …

I recorded the voice over for my documentary last Friday and spent the next few days making final detail changes in the edit. Yesterday, I turned the project over to the techies for on-line picture corrections and sound fix-ups and mix. So the editing is finally done and I’m feeling a kind of post-partum depression today.

Now that it’s out of my hands, I’m plagued by second thoughts – should I have included this, should I have cut that out? But of course that’s just a fact of life in any creative endeavour: you can tinker forever trying to get things just right … perfectionism is just a manifestation of insecurity, an inability to say “this is good enough, time to move on.”

And speaking of moving on, I’m starting to think about another project, based on an idea given to me by a friend … have to work up a pitch and see if it’ll fly.


2 thoughts on “Project Update: my part’s done …

    1. Not sure … it’s always seemed obvious to me, but maybe I read it somewhere in the antediluvian past!

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