Going: Remembering Winnipeg Movie Theatres – Deleted Scenes

Although my documentary on Winnipeg movie theatres was originally conceived as a one-hour show, I ended up interviewing almost thirty people who gave me more great material than I could possibly fit into that format. As a result, the project grew to feature length. But even then, there were interesting stories and observations which simply didn’t fit into the final structure. Here, I’ve put together a selection of some of that unused material.

These brief clips are from the original assembly and so have a rough, unfinished quality, but I think they offer worthwhile additions to the final finished version of the film.

Deleted Scene 1: 3D

Francis Trueman and Rube Helman talk about the impact of 3D in the early ’50s, while Doug Panchuk provides an anecdote from the 3D revival in the ’80s.

Deleted Scene 2: April Love

Heather Maciorowski recalls a childhood crush on Pat Boone.

Deleted Scene 3: Childhood Escape

Ken Commodore recalls the value of movies to a kid growing up in the core area.

Deleted Scene 4: Downtown

Francis Trueman gives a brief tour of the downtown theatres of the early ’50s.

Deleted Scene 5: Drive-Ins

Doug Panchuk, Kris Anderson and Debbie Lazaruk recall sneaking people into drive-ins, while projectionist Peter Desrochers recalls a snack bar streaker and Stewart Fay comments on the ban of a particular type of vehicle.

Deleted Scene 6: The Capitol

Leslie Gunn Forgie recalls that her father, manager of the Capitol Theatre, didn’t like watching movies and hated popcorn, while Debbie Lazaruk recalls lying to her father in order to get in to see an Elvis Presley movie.

Deleted Scene 7: The Classic

Brian Kells recalls his neighbourhood theatre in St. James, The Classic.

Deleted Scene 8: The Gaiety

Donald Kennedy, Linda Strange and Stewart Fay recall the downtown Gaiety Theatre from before its days as the “adult” Eve.

Deleted Scene 9: The Leland

Sheila Streifler recalls her uncle Sam Rosenblat’s first theatre in the North End, the Leland on Selkirk Avenue.

Deleted Scene 10: The Metropolitan

Linda Strange recalls performing with the Eaton’s Glee Club choir at the Met, while Rob Carson remembers Godzilla matinees for kids in the school patrol.

Deleted Scene 11: The Odeon

Ken Commodore and¬†Linda Strange recall the Odeon, originally the Walker Theatre, converted to show movies in the ’40s, and now a performance space once again.

Deleted Scene 12: The Rio

Brian Kells recalls a visit to the downtown theatre once called the Province, then the Rio and finally the Grand.

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