The interview transcripts presented here have not been edited, merely tidied up for readability, with some trimming of repetitions and verbal tics; what is posted here is everything I had available when I originally wrote the article for Cinefantastique.

David Lynch

I interviewed David Lynch during two lengthy sessions in his office at Universal Studios, with a couple of follow-up sessions by phone.

Jack Nance (Henry Spencer)

I spent a couple of hours talking to Jack Nance at a Denny’s on Sunset Boulevard.

Fred Elmes (Cinematographer)

Fred Elmes took over camera duties on Eraserhead from original DoP Herb Cardwell.

Catherine Coulson (Camera Asst. and Asst. Director)

Catherine Coulson became involved in the production through through being married to Jack Nance at the time.

Alan Splet (Sound Design)

Alan Splet, a brilliant sound artist, formed a creative relationship with David Lynch early in the director’s career.

Doreen Small (Production Manager)

Doreen Small joined the Eraserhead crew as Production Manager through her connection with Lynch’s friend Jack Fisk.

Jack Fisk (The Man in the Planet)

Fellow filmmaker and artist Jack Fisk had known Lynch since high school and helped out on the production in a number of ways, most notably by taking the uncomfortable role of the Man in the Planet.

Laurel Near (The Lady in the Radiator)

Singer Laurel Near didn’t quite know what she was getting into when she signed on to play the Lady in the Radiator.

Jeanne Bates (Mrs X)

Actress Jeanne Bates had a very long career, mostly in television, dating back to the early ’40s, but Mrs X in Eraserhead is perhaps her most distinctive role.

Peter Ivers (Composer/Voice of the Lady in the Radiator)

Avant garde/New Wave composer/performer Peter Ivers wrote the music for “In Heaven” and provided the voice for the Lady in the Radiator.

Ben Barenholz (Distributor)

Distributor Ben Barenholz pioneered midnight screenings in the ’70s with movies like El Topo; his efforts were crucial in establishing the cult success of Eraserhead.

Mel Brooks (Executive Producer, The Elephant Man)

Mel Brooks’ support for Lynch in making The Elephant Man helped establish the director’s career.

Stuart Cornfeld (Executive Producer, The Elephant Man)

Having seen Eraserhead, Stuart Cornfeld recommended Lynch to producer Jonathan Sanger when he read the script for The Elephant Man.

Jonathan Sanger (Producer, The Elephant Man)

Producer Jonathan Sanger met Lynch at the suggestion of Stuart Cornfeld and decided that he would be ideal to direct The Elephant Man.