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ERASERHEAD: The David Lynch Files, Volume 1

title_page“The best thing that’s ever been written on [Eraserhead]” – David Lynch

As a young artist working with minimal resources, aided by a dedicated cast and crew, David Lynch spent four-and-a-half years making his first feature. The result was a completely unique, darkly comic nightmare called Eraserhead. Carefully nurtured by distributor Libra Films, Eraserhead gradually developed a passionate audience despite a very mixed response from critics. read more >>




DUNE: The David Lynch Files, Volume 2

Dune: The David Lynch Files volume 2

As a young and inexperienced writer, Kenneth George Godwin met David Lynch in late 1981 to conduct interviews about the making of Eraserhead. The resulting article gained Lynch’s favour and in the Spring of 1983, Godwin found himself hired by Universal Studios to help document the production of Dune in Mexico. For six months, Godwin – working with cameraman Anatol Pacanowski – observed the chaos of one of the biggest, most expensive motion pictures made up to that time. read more >>




the “Cafe Universal” script

title-pageWhile working on Dune in Mexico during the summer of 1983, Kenneth George Godwin wrote a feature film script in his spare time. “Cafe Universal”, which remains unproduced, is an absurdist thriller about a naive American artist named David Linton who, while in Paris for a show, becomes inadvertently caught up in violent events involving a variety of obscure factions he is unable to comprehend. read more >>





MONKEY and other stories

title_pageMonkey and other stories is a collection of short fiction which leans towards fantasy, in which characters struggle to deal with strange, sometimes horrific and occasionally supernatural forces which intrude into their lives. read more >>







Adios, Elvis or The Secrets of the Universe Revealed

Adios, Elvis or The Secrets of the Universe Revealed

Adios, Elvis is the story of a skeptical writer who finds himself drawn deeper and deeper into the crazy mirror world of conspiracy theories and paranormal activities. read more >>